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Content legality protection

The objective of the tiu.ru team is to create a safe environment for selling and buying goods and services. Our principles include legality, honesty, and mutual respect. For this purpose, we:
  • Consider complaints alleging infringements of intellectual property rights

  • Remove prohibited content containing stop words

  • Consider complaints alleging violations of the Rules for posting information

Our system is transparent: we send all the materials received to the seller who the complaint is directed against and we report on the implemented measures to the initiator of the complaint. The seller can appeal the complaint and submit supporting documents.
Information for sellers
How can I file a complaint?

Information for sellers

Infringement of intellectual property rights refers to the use of copyrighted items without permission of the copyright holder (author) or in violation of the terms and conditions of the agreement. The most common complaints concern illegal use of trademarks and images.

Forbidden content refers to the goods or services that may not be published on the marketplace according to the Rules for posting information on tiu.ru.

If a complain received concerns your content and such complaint is found reasonable and justified, we will inform you of the situation by a letter or notice sent to your personal account. Depending on the complaint, we can restrict access to the content immediately or send a notice for you to remove the prohibited content.

If you have any questions or want to appeal a complaint, contact us at abuse@tiu.ru (infringement of intellectual property rights) or moderation@tiu.ru (prohibited content).

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